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Mick Campbell - BS, MBA, MPM®, CIPM®, F-AAPM®

Project Management methodology and practice coupled with business development and sales expertise focused in high-technology solutions. Ability to manage groups of sales and engineering teams. Training project management methodology surrounding PMI & AAPM principles. Focus includes developing opportunities with clients, selling the solution, implementing the design, providing project management, and delivering continued support both on-site and remote. Specialties MPM ™ Master Project Manager, CIPM™ Certified International Project Manager, AgCC™ Agile Communication Certified, Cisco Sales Expert v5, CQS- Data Center Networking Sales Specialist, CQS - Cisco Advanced IP Communications Sales Specialist, CQS - Meeting Place AM & Cisco Services Expert

“Mick is an outstanding presenter with excellent business and project management savy. His communication skills are above reproach and possesses a rare balance between business and technical skill. Additionally, the OPPM is a simply marvelous format that can be used for both reporting and tracking project expense/activity at a Manager/Executive level. I would normally never offer this type of recommendation to anyone but if Mick is interested in working with or for you, you would be a fool to pass regardless of the opportunity.” August 10, 2011 Aaron Sepanski, Western Regional Manager, Houghton International
was with another company when working with Mick at OPPM International


Mr. Mark Reeson, BA, MIPM, CIPM, FGAPM

Mark is a valuable asset within QA and has been used extensively on our specialist and consultative roles with project management and project management training. He has over 25 years experience in the Project Management industry, having started his career in the Royal Air Force before working and delivering projects in both the nuclear and international sporting field. Over the past two years he has been engaged with various clients working on the improvement and development of the project management delivery either through bespoke classroom and e-learning courses or as an SME in the project management area writing methodologies for organizations or companies to improve the efficiency of their work streams. Mark has been especially successful in the public sector gaining high esteem from many government organizations authoring new and improved ways of project management delivery. Mark has recently become accredited by the American Academy of Project Management and has also been appointed a Green Project Management Global Advisor. A published article author in national and international project publications Mark has been recognised as a specialist trainer and consultant in his discipline.

Jeff Hodgkinson, Group Founder & Adminstrator, 'PgMP Credentialed Networking Group' on LinkedIn
was with another company when working with Joel at GPM Ltd


Dr. Rand Fandrich, PHR, CHRA, Certified Trainer MPM, CIPM  - Founder Expatriate Foundation and Expert Trainer.

Dr. Rand Fandrich, PHR, CHRA founded the Expatriate Foundation in 2008, and holds a Ph.D. in Organization and Management (emphasis: Human Resource Management) from Capella University, an MBA with ASN honors from Regis University, BA in International Studies from American University, as well as a Goethe Certificate from the Concordia Institute of German Studies. Certified as a Professional in Human Resources (PHR) by the Human Resource Certificate Institute in 2005, as well as a Certified Human Resource Analyst in 2013, Dr. Fandrich has been elected to local, state and regional Society of Human Resource Management and HR positions. Additionally, his scholar practitioner work has allowed for private and public sector posts as well as the title of Campus Dean, Director of Faculty Development, SME, Curriculum/Course Developer, adjunct, and associate Professor at Strayer University, Columbia College, Kaplan University, Andrew Jackson University, Rasmussen College, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and the University of Montana. Dr. Fandrich has consulted and presented on the topics of Generational Differences in the Workplace, Expatriate and Repatriation Issues, Outplacement, Change/Knowledge Management, Outsourcing/Offshoring, Strategic Human Resource Management, and Organizational Behavior and strategy. He currently sits on numerous boards and committees within the private, public and academic arenas.

Continued Success!


Dr. Cornel Collins, MBA, MPM ®, IWWP, FAAPM, CIPM®, CAC, - Vice Chair

Dr Collins is an international consultant, Project Manager and qualified professional coach and public speaker & lecturer at major Universities worldwide on subjects such as: Team Building, Management Development Programs, Project management, Leadership Paradigms & Styles, Organizational Structures, Management Strategies. Many of his articles in technology and management strategies have been published in major journals, and magazines worldwide. In the Bahamas, his articles on Economic Paradigms of Leadership, Organizational Strategies, Information Systems, Customer Service, Business Strategies and CBI-Ten Years After, The Millennium Bug, and Quality Leadership, have been published by the Guardian. He is a dedicated Rotarian, the Past President of the Rotary Club of Nassau, and a two-time Paul Harris Fellow. Dr. Collins is also a Sports Psychologist, Certified Tennis Instructor (USTA, CLTA, AELTA), Certified Golf Instructor (CPGTA, PGTCA), National Coach Bahamas Golf Federation and Black Belt in Chinese Kung Fu (Choylafoot and Hung Gar).

“I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Cornel as a part of a committee responsible for the formation of a national IT Association. He has always offered meaningful contributions to the group based on his strong IT background.” July 29, 2009

Dr. June Wilson, Asst. Professor, College of The Bahamas
was with another company when working with Dr. Cornel at Lignum Technologies (Bahamas) Ltd.


Anthony Bowen, MPA, CTC, MPM©, PME©, CIPM©, CPL - New York USA

Anthony currently is in his Doctoral Dissertation Phase at Northcentral Unvieristy, and have completed his DBA specilization in Project Management. He holds several certificate in project management from various IVY League Colleges. Including a CPL in Project Leadership from Cornell University, a Certificate in Project Management from New York University and Certificate in Management and IT Management from Rutgers University. His experience is based on strong project management knowledge and experience applied to ecommerce, marketing, sales, data mining, communications and systems integration ventures in the travel industry.

Adjunct Lecturer Queens College – City University of New York / Developed and teach the Project Management Certificate Program . PMI approved program and MPM © approved program Basic & Advance Project Management. He has over 15 years of executive management experience in ecommerce online sales, marketing, project management, business development and national accounts relationship. Senior executive management experience with strong leadership, process improvement and project management (SDLC) (PLC) skills working with external and internal partners.

“Anthony has a broad understanding of sales, promotions and ecommerce...but more importantly, his expertise in these three disciplines make him a very powerful element within an organization. His grasp and practical knowledge has been a tremendous assest in formulating initiatives that are creative, aggressive and highly productive. Anthony's background and experience has had a very positive impact in a variety of areas including direct sales and retail channels/distributors. Simply put...he can see "the big picture" and more importantly, can institute the variety of elements needed for projects and programs to be successful.” May 4, 2009

John Severini, President, Trafalgar Tours
managed Anthony Q. at Trafalgar Tours




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