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GAPM Providers


So you'd like to be a provided qualified GAPM graduate education? Well let us explain a little bit about how our licenses are designed and what it takes to be a great success...

Having a license to provide approved AAPM ® certification programs is similar to any business and it requires significant work and commitment to make it success. Be prepared to work long hours especially in the beginning as you are learning your customers needs and demographics.

GAPM is a continuing experience as new products are introduced to meet the needs of the market, provider services improved and member services augmented. The most successful businesses we work with are those that have dedicated owners who have a high level of attention to detail and service. International Academy providers have a distinct advantage in offering a certification product, which differentiates against other non-certified training programs, however, you still need to market and sell effectively to make your business profitable.

What other qualities or traits make a good partner to GAPM ?

  1. In the case of Project Management certification, obviously a good understanding of large scale project mobilization and staffing
  2. Strong personal network of the principals in the target sector
  3. Entrepreneurial spirit, looking for new markets and growth
  4. Energetic, focused and driven approach to business development
  5. Great enthusiasm for the product and a belief that certification-based training product is superior to stand-alone training programs
  6. Ability to generate financial reports and business operations plan that show the capability to support the GAPM business
  7. Strong capability for managing collections from individual clients
  8. Be able to devote full-time to GAPM activities and promotion
  9. Willingness to abide by the legal and IP requirements of the license agreement
  10. Willingness for 2 staff to complete GAPM sales training
  11. Ability to get the business mobilized and running within 3-4 months from signing the license agreement

Investing in an GAPM Training Business

There are various options available to you, depending on what type of license you wish to realize. Typically we have three modes of cooperation:

  1. Continued Professional Development Provider - A simple marketing partnership where you are licensed to provide continuing education short-courses to GAPM members and market GAPM tailored training (in-house) programs to corporate clients. You receive a commission for every successful sale or contract of tailored training solutions. Under this license you cannot market designation programs.
    A good option for smaller training companies who run existing short course programs.
  2. Licensee - In this mode you gain status as a licensed provider of GAPM public programs for your area, renewable annually. The license is non-exclusive, and it is assumed you will make use of either your own facilities or publicly available facilities like a 5-star hotel/conference center for conducting GAPM programs. You are responsible for all marketing, billing, and local coordination of events. In-house sales are referred to GAPM under this model, and you receive an agency commission for successful sales.
    A good option for someone looking to start up a small business of their own.
  3. Exclusive Licensee - A territory exclusive 5-year license is offered to partners who set up a dedicated GAPM training center. Under this option you are afforded an exclusive license for your territory, with full administrative support from the global team. You are responsible for all marketing, billing, and local coordination of events. In-house corporate sales are permitted and supported under this model, and you receive a revenue share from such contracts. GAPM will actively support you with business development assistance for the first 6-months of your license period.
    An option for an investor looking for maximum return.

In new markets, we typically start working with providers by integrating our certified status into licensees' various public programs that have a demonstrated success in multiple, disparate marketplaces. Use your own instructors with our own local skills and language/translation but these trainers must be graduate qualified under AAPM's globla standards. Thus, for certified training, the speakers must be accredited GAPM trainers. This means that any speakers or experts you recommend need to attend cultivate-the-trainer (T4 ) programs, or GAPM needs to source suitable trainers for you. We provide you with marketing and branding support from program materials, to brochure designs which you can print locally, etc.

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