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The AAPM ® GAPM Global Academy

is a worldwide Professional Management organization with members in many countries coordinating certification training worldwide and bringing the AAPM® exclusive board certifications & designations to candidates who successfully complete the course and assessment. GAPM ™ is the sister organization of the American Academy of Project Management AAFM®

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Why Get AAPM ® MPM® or CIPM ® Certified?

Boost potential with Certification

Our unmatched standards maximize Return on Human Potential. Optimize your portfolio of knowledge and skills and upgrade your global value. If you are not certified by the AAPM®, you may be giving the edge away to the competition.

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Corporate Training

GAPM provides customized tailored training in-house to companies for your employees, but with the advantage of a recognized global qualification.

The true advantage of GAPM in-house training lies in the client centric programs for professional development excellence.

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Partner with GAPM

Be a part of our globally growing network

GAPM recognizes the importance of cultivating winning alliances around the world that help customers transform into a managed, efficient and predictable business process.

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Latest GAPM ® GAPM News & Members Events

May 2014 - The Global Academy of Project Management launches new programs in Saudi Arabia, Africa, Indonesa, USA, and London. GAPM is delighted to announce the launch of the AgCC Agile Project Communications Certification (AAPM Accredited Agile Project Manager). The AAPM Agile Programs has several hundred new members.. However, organizations have to change in order to adapt, improve and prep... More info

In Alliance with the Arab Academy in 22 Nations. AABFS means governmental recognition and authentication. Take the Dubai and Kuwait Courses with the High Level Training Institute

Arab League


As Seen in the Global Mainstream Media

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AAPM ® CIPM - Over 1000 New Members in the United States under the global umbrella via post graduate executive programs. Click Here to Enroll

News: AAPM® consults with US Government on Management Careers and consults with the United Nations.

AAPM ® United Nations Department of Labor

News: AAPM® January 2014 - New Chapters in Rome, Italy, Moscow, Philippines, UAE, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, China, and Ireland.

News: AAPM® - AAPM recognizes diploma and masters programs at Queens College, University of California, University of Hong Kong, and George Washington University.

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Alliance Opportunities for Educational Providers

Global Academy of Project Management seeks International Partners / Regional Level Conference Organizers to sustain and promote the phenomenal international growth we are experiencing. For more information on Partnership opportunities, please CLICK HERE.



* As seen in the New York Times, Dept of Labor, Dept of Education, Institute for Credential Excellence, American National Standards Institute, and National Organization for Competency Assurance.



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