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Flexible Program Scope

Advantages of GAPM In-House Training

Our in-house clients have the choice of combining several levels into one extended program, condensing programs into refresher courses spanning several subjects or sequencing programs according to their needs. As the same time, our clients can ask to restructure content to meet the specific training and development needs of their organization. This allows for sessions of variable duration adjusted to the delegates knowledge and experience levels and incorporating client objectives at the time of the training.

Some of the highly beneficial factors to consider:
Relevant Our training is conducted by actual practitioners who have years of experience in the selected field. Our trainers strive to focus on core-skills and competency for specific roles in the business supported by up-to-date training materials.  
Tailored While we offer globally recognised certification programs, all of our programs can be tailored, expanded, reduced or purpose built for your team. You can take specific modules, whole programs or you can ask for something completely new.  
Global/Local While we have experience operating all over the world, regional and local nuances are vital. So whether it is from a local market perspective, unique legal/regulatory requirements, or specific areas like Islamic Finance, we are equipped to localise.  
Coaching Our trainers are not simply academics or generalists. We strive to find trainers who have a wealth of experience in managing and developing staff in their domain area. More than trainers, our experts can bring out the best in your team.  
Assessment For our programs we offer examinations, group assignments and other forms of assessments that reinforce key messages and skills. We can also provide feedback on individuals within the in-house setting for HR performance reviews.  
Cost Effective For the cost of sending just a few staff members to one of our programs overseas, you could conduct the same program in your home country for 15-20 staff members. Additionally, you pay one fixed price that includes tailoring, materials, trainer etc.  
Time-to-Market We have training staff and offices around the world so we can respond quickly to your training needs. Whenever, wherever training is required, our specialists are just a plane trip and a visa stamp away.  


The true advantage of GAPM in-house training is that our programs are backed by the Global Standards Body of the AAPM. For over a decade, the AAPM has codified the best international body of knowledge to be the first to have a GBOK Global Body of Knowledge. . By training only in the topics needed by your staff, valuable training time is maximised. Audience attention and participation is greatly enhanced resulting in superior staff performance.



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