Benefits of Membership

Benefits of Membership and Certification by GAPM ™

Membership Growth and Activity

  • Use of Post Nominals & Certifications after your name. i.e. John Doe, MPM ®, CIPM ®, AAPM®
  • Rise above the rest with a specialized graduate credential from a world recognized certificaiton standards body.
  • In the project management employment world, candidates should have extra and unique qualifications and credentials because everybody seems to have the basic project management certification.
  • Use of the IPMC ™ Handbook and Web Tools
  • Handsome membership and Certification Documents suitable for framing shipped to you.
  • Ability to be listed on our web registry and become a committee member of IPMC
  • See Sample certification - new Logos for use by global members.
  • Project Management Job Board - Use of our IPMC CEC Job Board ™
  • Membership Growth-Membership Growth-In 2012 GAPM expects to grow our membership by approximately 3000 new members in the United States, Asia, Middle-East and Europe. In percentage growth terms, this makes us one of the fastest growing professional associations in the world.
  • New Courses and Certifications-GAPM continues to add new specialist courses to meet the growing demand for high quality business training. 2010 and 2011 have seen the successful launch of the Agile Communications Professional AgCC ™ and the Certified Global Change Master CGCM ™ with more to come.
  • Greater alliances with regulators, universities, colleges, and official bodies-GAPM continues to strive to align with major international and national training, educational and accreditation bodies government and many others
  • Global Networking opportunities-GAPM plans to reinvigorate Alumni Networking Events for all our members to provide opportunities for members to meet, collaborate, find job opportunities, negotiate deals and network.
  • Dynamic Member Services-2011 has seen the launch of new member tools for certified professionals, improved online platform for members to download articles and publications.
  • Moving Further Afield-GAPM ™ continues to grow our network of accredited providers or partners. New partners have, or are being, launched in Singapore, UK, India, Africa, EU, West Indies, and Philippines. In 2012 GAPM ™ plans to expand into the Australia and New Zealand
  • Global Membership / Local Accreditation -GAPM ™ has members across the globe combined with local agreements with multiple nationally recognized accreditation agencies.

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