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Q1: How and when was the GAPM ™ founded?

The original organization was chartered in 1997, and rebranded to GAPM in 2008. The Academy was originally established as a professional organization for project managers, e-business consultants, project leaders, IT managers, government employees, project risk managers, quality managers, human resource professionals and organizational analysts

Q2: How is the GAPM ™ Structured?

The GAPM is a professional global body that is governed by a Board of Standards and a membership code of ethics and standards of practice. The GAPM operates in several countries via approved partners. At all times the GAPM and its members are accountable to the community and to the Board of Standards.

Q3: How do I join The AAPM ® American Academy of Project Management ® ™ ?

Simply attend a Qualified Degree/Diploma progrma or an Executive Certification Course either via one of our recognized Partners, or via a conference organizer or finally, via an in-house certification course in your own company.

These courses are highly interactive, highly intensive and highly informative. There are numerous 'real life' case studies and an examination at the end of the course. Successful completion of the examination will mean that you will gain your professional certification.

If you simply wish to join the Academy as a member, with no professional certification or designation, this can also be arranged.

Q4: Is the International Academy recognized worldwide?

GAPM ™ believe that recognition is simply about whether the certification attained following the rigorous criteria set, intensive case studies and the examination enables the delegate to show that they have demonstrated the skills required to become certified and can now implement these skills in a productive and effective manner for themselves and their employers. Many of the top businesses and governmental organizations regularly send delegates to GAPM ™ approved training. To GAPM ™ this is what recognition is about

At the corporate level, the GAPM ™ courses have been developed as the result of active discussions with companies and organizations involved in both small and large projects in Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East.

GAPM ™ courses are now the defacto in-house training courses for many international companies and government organizations.

Q5: What is the purpose of the Academy?

Click Here to Read the GAPM Global Mission Statement

Q6: Can our company offer GAPM ™ Certified Training?

GAPM ™ offers courses worldwide. If you desire in-house corporate training or your institution has an interest in offering GAPM Executive Certification Programs through your training centers, company, or college, please contact us by clicking here.

Q7: How about GAPM ™ Training?

GAPM offers project management training in conjunction with approved partners in several countries worldwide. These programs utilize GAPM Certified Trainers along with the globally recognized GAPM Graduate Management Materials.

Q8: What other recognition does GAPM ™ have?

See: GAPM Global Recognition

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