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GAPM Mission Statement

AAPM ®’s mission is to serve its global membership and stakeholders as a world leader in educating and reinforcing the international knowledge of executives and potential leadership of institutions.

Our Mission Statement includes:

  • Continue to lead as a provider of qualified certification education for the AAPM

  • Assist in the professional, executive training, and social development of project management professionals interested in planning, engineering, risk, human resources, IT, Service, Quality, Process, E-Business, Construction Managementand more. This includes the perspectives of government planning, political-legal environmental issues; NGOs; and private enterprises.

  • Promote and protect the integrity of the AAPM Membership, Training, Certifications, and Designations both nationally and globally.

  • Provide a structure for interaction between members and the professional financial community, business executives, government Project Management officials, and Organizational Management and Project Managmeent related academic professionals.

  • Enhance employment opportunities for AAPM Members at all levels via networking, training, and outreach.

  • To continue to grow internationally with specialized on-site executive training available at AAPM Approved training programs.

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