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The Executive Team or Board of Management (BoM) is currently made up of international experts, some of who very involved in local executive development or government recognized educational institutions, but all of whom are actively involved in the day to day commercial activities of the Academy.

Executive Team


Dr. George Mentz
CEO, Mentzinger Consulting Group
United States

Dr. Mentz is CEO of the IBS Board and Mentzinger Media Group a US based Professional Development organization and a Lead Partner with Global Labour, a global human resourcing and contracting firm.

He has a background in management consulting, initially at Wall Street Firms and subsequently as the Professor of Wealth Management at leading law schools.



Dr. Cornel Collins
Dr. Cornel Collins, MBA, MSc, PhD, MPM™, CIPM™, IWWP, CPM, CAC: - Lignum Technologies (Bahamas) Ltd.
West Indies, UK and India

Dr. Collins is a highly experienced CEO with a proven track record in delivering strategic business and IT transformation within the management consulting services sector on a global level..

Dr. Collins is co-Author of the 2012 Ethics and Governance Standards for the: AAPM ® American Academy of Project Management ® .

Cornel is an accomplished public presenter and qualified Speaker and has responsibility for GAPM activities in Western and Eastern Europe.

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