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The Board of Presidents (BoP) 2014 Roster

The Board of Governors is the most senior non-executive, corporate body, with ultimate responsibility for the strategy and the management of the organization. It works in conjunction with the management committee, composed of staff members who manage their respective divisions and chapters.



GAPM Board of Governors, 2014


Dr. George Mentz
CEO, IBS & GAFM Global Academy of Finance & Management ®
United States

Dr. Mentz is CEO of the IBS Board and Mentzinger Media Group a US based Professional Development organization and a Lead Partner with Global Labour, a leading global recruiting & resourcing firm which has recruited over 100 thousand customers and clients over the last decade.

He has a background in management consulting, initially with Wall Street Firms and subsequently as the Professor of Wealth Management at leading law schools.
He has received several faculty awards for excellence and ethics while also being the recipient of a gold medal award for charitable work. Mentz presently consults with the United Nations and the US Government to help those in need secure better jobs and education.



Dr. Cornel Collins
Dr. Cornel Collins, MBA, MSc, PhD, MPM™, CIPM™, IWWP, CPM, CAC: - Lignum Technologies (Bahamas) Ltd.
West Indies, UK and India

Dr. Collins is a highly experienced CEO with a proven track record in delivering strategic business and IT transformation within the management consulting services sector on a global level..

Dr. Collins is co-Author of the 2012 Ethics and Governance Standards for the: AAPM ® American Academy of Project Management ® .

Cornel is an accomplished public presenter and qualified Speaker and has responsibility for GAPM activities in Western and Eastern Europe.

What does the Board of Governors do?

The Board of Presidents is leadership with ultimate responsibility for maintaining our unmatched standards of professional development and curriculums of our Professional Body, Consulting and United Nationsl Civil Society work. For over a decade, our advisory council has worked in conjunction with the board who manage their respective powers. The objective is primarily to enforce our regulations, enforcement, bylaws and handbooks of the global standards in professional development..


The Board of Presidents meets in key venues such as New York or Europe to ratify decisions in respect to membership services and development. We attend regular conferences for updates and input into member services related issues. From time to time the country presidents may be asked to contribute to discussions regarding member benefits or to make comments to the press on the project management sector on behalf of the membership.

The role of the board is to provide the following supporting mechanisms:

  • Enforce Regulations
  • Promote Standards
  • Ethics and Governance.
  • Public relations and press inquiries
  • Strategic leadership on content/Curriculum development
  • Senior industry participation in GAPM ™ events
  • Agreement on the issuance of new qualifications or designations
  • High-profile speaker recruitment

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